Online Denim Consultancy

It is time to e-meet  for  research  and  

Covid-19 changed everything in all over the world. Denim sector is also effected seriously. We have to make sustainable production and reduce our carbon foot print. We need to develop new ways to make the business.

As we all know , there is a not a supply and demand equilibrium at denim sector. Some denim companies will survive and unfortunately some of them will close down after this pandemic . Denim companies which are investing on research and development will survive . Sustainability will be the key element for denim future. So we are here to support denim manufacturers to make sustainable and innovative denim production.

Today , shopping is online , banking is online , education is online , marketing is online ,exhibitions are online and now online denim consultancy service is also available with Denimtek .

No flight cost ,No accommodation cost , No transportation Cost , No health risk , Low cost , sustainable and many more advantages .

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