SarChem Chemicals

SarChem is a chemical company that has been developing and manufacturing leather and textile coating chemicals for over 20 years to fulfill the needs of customers. 

SarChem is located in Istanbul which is fascinating and historical capital embraces Asia and Europe physically and culturally with Bosphorus Bridges . Istanbul brings together cultures and people from all over the world and its a time travel between past and the future. Istanbul is also a capital of science, art,fashion and creativity. 

Denimtek is collaborating with Sarchem to develop unique and value added Textile Coating Concepts . You can check below developed  coating concepts. Please contact Denimtek if you are interested and if you want to have more information about the concepts.
SarChem concepts  are not compound chemicals. Our recipes are open and you can customize the recipes according to the requirement .  
We can also develop special  coating chemicals  according to  your coating line .
SarChem laboratory is always ready to support  you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any target product  to develop. 


Glossy Concept

Glossy is a paste coating concept that is used to obtain high gloss  film with a soft touch .  


Natural Leather Concept

Natural leather obtains a unique soft handfeel and sheen 

Natural leather concept is a cationic polyurethane system which can be used by cationic pigments or colorless. 

Flexy  Concept

Flexy coating obtains a very elastic film  and softness  combined together

Flexy coating is suitable for the coating of super stretch fabrics. Because film doesn’t break when it is stretched . Film has also a high resistance to washing. It also improves the  recovery .

White Coating Concept

Enjoy the best white coverage and softness with   high elasticity combined together

White coating concept is designed to achieve white coating with a high coverage, elasticity and soft touch. 

Elegant Concept

Enjoy the Matt and stylish coating with a unique softness 

Elegant coating concept is a paste coating concept that has a full and round matt surface with a soft touch .


Simplex is the  simple and easy     way of coating.

Simplex is a self-crosslinking  acrylic based polymer system . It has a very soft and smooth handfeel. It is also giving a leather feeling. ıt can be combines with other concepts to achieve more economical coating solutions .


Enjoy the shiny and stretchable luxury coating 

As a chemical manufacturer , SarChem always provides varios chemical solutions . Metallic coating concept can be combined with Glossy concept , Flexy concept ,elegant concept